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Annapolis Jazz & Roots Festival 2022

Passport to Jazz


The goal of the Annapolis Jazz & Roots Festival is to foster an appreciation for cultural diversity and artistic excellence in a cordial and inviting atmosphere. Our inspiring, educational and fun activities will entertain participants of many interests, ages and backgrounds. We are especially interested in teaming up with state, county and city government, non-profit organizations and businesses, schools and libraries. Our aim is to amplify the effects of existing programs and services which have the potential for greater public access. 



Ruby Singleton Blakeney  

Michael Buckley 

Jefferson Holland 
Todd Powell

Richard Rausch 

Theresa Sise 

Harvey Lewis Stein 

Della Sztuk 

Teri Leggio Wade 

Paulina Phillips, Executive Director

Mark Wade, Artistic Director 


Modern jazz composer and bassist Mark Wade is open to appreciating and co-creating great music in all its forms. Like Keith Jarrett, Wynton Marsalis and Esperanza Spaulding, he’s not limited by genre. His fourth album shows the breadth of his musicality and inventive compositional style. The original tracks found on his 2022 album True Stories were inspired by a wide range of influences, drawing on themes from composers such as Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and Igor Stravinsky. The result is a unique expression of jazz linking past to present. READ MORE


Paula Anne (Paulina) Delve Phillips is one of Maryland’s most accomplished women in arts and culture. Since the mid-1970s, she has worked behind the scenes to present, promote and fund visual and performing arts projects. Known for a commitment to cultural diversity and artistic excellence, she contributes to cultural life in the Mid-Atlantic, helping artists and arts organizations develop and thrive. An accomplished writer, producer and segment host for radio, TV and cable news programs, she has also established educational programs and projects for adults, teens and children. READ MORE.


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